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Western Accessories

Whether you call it a bandanna, a wild rag, or just a scarf, the most important thing to a cowboy or cowgirl is that it should be big. Ours are about 36" x 36". Generous proportions are important. It can be used as a sling or bandage, a blindfold for your horse, a cooling mechanism stuffed inside a hat, a face mask, or dress it up with one of our slides. It is the essential accessory for every cowboy or cowgirl. 100% silk. Made in the USA. More than 45 patterns and colors. We have 100% silk black bow ties.

Headbands are also making a big appearance again, but these aren’t the ones you wore as a little girl. Jane’s feminine, flower child headbands are ideal for keeping your hairstyle in check on humid days and for keeping you cool once the weather gets warm. We carry floral headbands, turban-style headbands and wrap headbands in a variety of styles and colors, as well as decorative lace headbands and studded headbands with a bit more edge.

Be the Talk of the Town with "quality" leather cell phone cases for every popular model. Each case is specially designed to fit and protect your cell phone, as well as offering distinctive good looks with silver concho and various images. Each holder is uniquely designed for every equestrian style and activity . We carry handbags and wallets, belts and buckles, and travel bags for the rodeo or show circuit.

Choosing cowboy hat bands for your hat does not have to be challenging. You want something that is distinctive and shows off your sense of fashion as well as expressing certain aspects of your own personality. Well you have come to the right source. Knot-A-Tail has 12 distinctive choices - all handmade with horse hair. Excellent selection of Stampede Strings for the working cowboy or racing rider. When it's time to get gussied up on Saturday night, our scarf sliders are the finishing touch to your get-up.

We raise alpacas and sell alpaca clothing and accessories. Alpaca is warmer than wool, hypoallergenic, machine washable and dryable and incredibly soft. Best sellers are alpaca hats, socks, gloves, knit hats, and scarves. Alpaca is a durable and warm luxury fiber. Give alpaca a try. You won't be disappointed.

Animal Watches! Whimsical Watches hand-crafts these unique novelty watches in the USA. If you have a love for Cows, Bunny Rabbits, or Pigs, you may want to look through our selection of Barnyard Watches. Our selection of dog watches includes a wide breed of dogs. We have watches suitable for every animal lover: Barnyard Animals, Cat, Dog, Sealife Animals, Zoo Animals, and Horses.

Quality knives and cutlery. Talk about variety... you can get everything at Deadwood Knives. From Case stag knives, Hen and Rooster, Stockman, Boker to Yellowhorse knives. Pocket knives, hunting knives, and even custom knives. With this much variety, we know you'll find the perfect knife! Free shipping.

Keep your cell phone and knives protected! Our Western themed leather phone and knife cases are not only practical, but they're stylish a well. Durably constructed and made to withstand normal wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for everyday use. Our cases are geared towards those who spend a good amount of time working in the field, or those who want a quality leather cell phone case with a Southwestern twist. Many colors, shapes, sizes and styles available, you'll find premium leather products at low prices!

When the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you only want to wear loose, flowing clothes and removable layers. Fashionable scarves are wonderful accessories that add a bit of pizazz to any outfit, great for layering over an A-line dress or for tossing on top of your favorite old T-shirt. Jane carries both thin spring scarves in cool materials and thick, chunky scarves that keep you warm in colder weather. As the seasons change, these stylish scarves will make the transition a bit easier.