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Trailers & Hitches

Take a proactive step towards reducing exposure to accidents! XTend-A-Step provides a safer way to access the bed of your truck. Not only does XTend-A-Step provide a handy surface to rest the object on, it reduces the strain on your knees, back, and joints while climbing in or out of the bed of your pickup truck. Also, XTend-A-Step gives you extra brake lights for added safety while driving...and helps avoid fender benders!

A fun and distinctive way to put your passion up front while on the road, Grillies honor the style and creativity of yesteryear’s hood ornaments but with a modern spin. Each Grillie starts with a skilled artisan creating an original sculpture in clay. Each Grillie in your collection is “Made in the USA” to last a lifetime of cars. Check out all of our designs. We’re sure you’ll find something that strikes your own fancy or perhaps it will become someone’s perfect gift!

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