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Native Art

Bearlanders now offers Note Cards. Our Note cards are all handcrafted, hand painted, unique originals. Whether buying for yourself or someone special, these original handcrafted note cards are perfect for any gift giving occasion. The Coloring of each card will vary from the colors you see here, adding to the unique handcrafted design.

Original Will Redbird painting, signed by the artist and dated. The son of renowned American Indian artist "Robert Redbird." Will’s paintings are some of the most beautiful Native American artwork in the country today. Native American sand paintings are a very beautiful and popular art form for collectors today. Traditionally, the dry paintings were created to heal a person during a ceremony. Signed or initialed by the Navajo artist, a certificate of authenticity on the back, matted, and framed in oak.

Hawk Hill Press is proud to present the first ever book on Native American Horse Masks, featuring 200 stunning color images in an impressive 12” by 15” format. The book includes 45 masks from museums and private collections. The leather bound edition includes an original signed etching by Bob Coronato, suitable for framing.  Horses and Bridles of the American Indians Volume 1 & 2: Indian beaded, quilled and cloth bridles are featured in more than 600 color photographs, paintings and historic images.

Kachina Dolls are spiritual messengers that bring special blessings. Authentic handcrafted Native American jewelry and gifts from the American Southwest. From a network of Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico, elegant handcrafted pieces at an affordable price. See our inventory and prices! Pendants, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and men's rings and money clips. All jewelry items are shipped in a free gift box and free shipping on US orders over $100. Worldwide Delivery.

We sell a large selection of handcrafted horsehair ceramic pottery made in America. Each item is signed by the American Indian artist who has crafted and etched this beautiful Horsehair pottery. Because this American Indian Pottery is handcrafted, items will vary slightly in coloring, creating a unique one of a kind piece of art.

Bless your guests with pleasant dreams, good luck and harmony throughout their lives. Unique favor idea - authentic Native American Dream Catchers, all made exclusively by Mae S. of the Navajo Tribe. Mae is our only supplier, as we have found her craftsmanship and details surpasses all others. Variety of colors and sizes. Dream catcher key chains, too. Small quantities can be ordered online. Call or email us for special pricing on 100 min. order for your wedding favors or table decorations.